About Us

Lead by passion for technology and startups, as well as building communities around events, Vlad Ciurca and Oana Petrus created Techsylvania with the help of an amazing team.
Techsylvania started in 2014 with 380 attendees and grew to more than 1300 attendees in 2016. The conference is an educational course for people who want to learn about the steps of building a technology companies (hence the tagline Code.Product.Funding) and attracted speakers such as: Tim Draper (Founder of DFJ), Steffi Czerny (Managing Director at DLD Media), Peter Halacsy (CTO & Co-Founder at Prezi), Mark Shuttleworth (Founder of Ubuntu & Canonical), Andreas Ehn (First employee & CTO at Spotify), Peter Yared (Former CTO CBS Interactive), Gentry Underwood (Co-Founder of Mailbox), Johannes Reck (CEO GetYourGuide), Marcus Segal (Senior VP of Operations at Zynga), David Bettner (Creator of Words With Friends).

Apart from this, the event features a connected devices hackathon where developers build creative projects, as well as a startup competition that featured early stage companies from 9 countries.

Having built Techsylvania into a Leading Technology Event in Eastern Europe, we set out to expand internationally by building events that will act as discovery platforms for various emerging technology waves.

Synaptech (Berlin), will be the first of these initiatives and will focus on the practical aspects of building a company in the field of Artificial Intelligence, on connecting corporations to the latest innovations, as well as bringing the best early stage European startups in this field, all in the same place.