AI enthusiasts, gather around, we just need a few minutes of your time. We want to tell you about a new event focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which will be launched this autumn in Berlin, Germany, titled Synaptech.


Synaptech was created by the team behind Techsylvania, which by the way, is not just a smart pun between Transylvania and technology, but a leading tech event in Eastern Europe, based in Romania. Techsylvania is composed of two parts, a 24-hours connected hackathon and a 2-days conference, where experts in tech, marketing, venture capital and startups rejoice for the fourth year now. Synaptech is focused only on artificial intelligence and will have its first edition this year.


But why would they choose the German capital from all the European cities? The reasons might be not as complicated as we thought.

Why Berlin?

It is the historical border between the West and the East, and is set in the heart of Europe. It is a place where culture and technology co-habit, where creativity finds itself at home. Berlin is also called the “multicultural metropolis” by Lonely Planet and the new “mecca of artists” by DW.

The fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world

Regarding the city’s economy, Compass mentions that in 2014, it saw two IPOS north of $6 billion. This has determined Berlin to have an exponential growth in exit volume, thus doubling its venture capital.

In 2014/2015, according to Compass, Berlin had around 3,000 active tech startups which will provide around 40,000 jobs in the future. In addition, TechCrunch mentions that the costs for founders are relatively low. These facts make the city much more attractive for startups, therefore more dynamic. This encourages a larger activity in the community, like the fact that TechCrunch Disrupt will return to Berlin in 2017.

Cultural importance

From the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s signature attraction, to the imposing Fernsehturm (Television Tower), the city has a plethora of delightful sightseeing places. For example, are worth visiting the Charlottenburg Palace, which hosts fine collections of china, Museum Island, named world heritage site by UNESCO, the Berliner Dom, a remarkable example of the late 19th century architecture and many more.
Among these cultural treasures, the city enchants its visitors with the ever-present graffiti and other locations. We can mention Maurepark – mini-amphitheatre, Postdamerplatz – shopping and entertainment centre and BeachMitte – artificial beach bars.

Deep Tech Ecosystem

Another important fact that helped us decide the location for Synaptech, is Berlin’s openness towards artificial intelligence. This technology, as Forbes mentions, is the hottest topic of the year. But that’s not the only reason why AI is the main theme of the conference. Its evolution from laboratory experiments to daily usage is extremely significant.


According to Atomico, Europe has a vibrant deep tech startup culture. Since 2014, in Berlin, were founded approximately 1,000 startups concentrated on this culture.
Since a community is already formed on artificial intelligence, Berlin has the perfect ecosystem for Synaptech. The event will  be focused more on the practical side. Apart from the conference, we will also offer you machine learning workshops and an international startup competition focused on Artificial Intelligence.    


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